Non-Surgical Medical PMMA Girth Enlargement

PMMA Girth Enhancement Injections

Surgery LIFE Enhancement's non-surgical PMMA  girth procedures are second to none! SLE offers several PMMA girth packages based on PMMA volumes chosen. PMMA girth injection volumes utilized by Surgery LIFE Enhancement procedures averages between 30cc to 80cc. The PMMA is typically applied while the patient's phallus is in the erect state.

A single stitch is added after the medical procedure's PMMA application to ensure that the higher volumes of PMMA utilized within the penile chambers is maintained throughout the healing process. PMMA is a nonsurgical medical procedure that does not carry all of the risks associated with surgical enlargement methods such as phalloplasty or penoplasty. 

Medical PMMA for penile girth enhancement is a non surgical & permanent solution for men that desire to add upwards of an additional inch of erect  penile girth circumference from a single treatment with medical grade PMMA. Medical grade PMMA microspheres are microscopic, round, and smooth particles that are not absorbed by the body.

Once injected, the  Polymethylmethacrylate microspheres begin a natural bio-process where your own body's response is initiated, surrounding each and every PMMA microbead with new collagenous tissue growth. Penile size gains from medical PMMA injection procedures are permanent and may be repeated if additional girth is desired.

Medical PMMA brands include:  Linea Safe® (formerly New Plastic) -  Meta<>Crill™ - Bellafill® - Lipen-D™ - Evelo™

Medical PMMA Procedure Video

Phallocare Male Enhancement's PMMA Method Details

Surgery LIFE Enhancement's very own Dan Salas from Phallocare Male Enhancement explains the medical PMMA girth procedure step-by-step in this original video release from SLE in 2013. SLE PMMA procedures involve the injection of medical grade PMMA microspheres that are suspended in bacteriostatic H2O, sodium chloride, and  bovine collagen. Surgery LIFE Enhancement applies PMMA microspheric beads via penile injection. Microspheric bead's measurements  range from 32 to 40 microns diameter and are not bioabsorbable, providing a lifelong solution for penile girth enlargement.